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Unifying Creators

The Butterfly Effect

bCash is an ERC-20 token on the Avalanche blockchain that started as an experiment but exploded in popularity thanks to the immediate onboarding of several key builders and creators in the AVAX NFT eco-system. Within an hour of the token’s reveal to the public, NFT projects were already accepting bCASH for mints.

The experimental nature of bCASH has been evolving as new features and uses are added to the coin. Upon launch, there was a 10% transaction fee every time bCASH was transferred, which rewarded those who staked 1 million bCASH or more. To protect longevity of the coin, several large holders agreed that this model would ultimately consolidate funds to only the top holders, and this model was abandoned in the interest of rewarding all holders.

The 10% transaction fee remains, and a multi-contract staking yield architecture was developed to facilitate larger staking rewards programs for wider arrays of users. More NFT creators are currently developing collections where bCASH will be their minting token.

The mission of bCASH is to inspire creativity amongst a unified community of creators.


The utility of bCASH lies in its community and its ability to create a truly collaborative environment. Artists, developers, project managers, community managers, and anyone with a passion for creating can come together within the bCASH ecosystem to bring new and exciting projects to life by submitting proposals to the decentralized governance system.

The bCASH token should not be considered a speculative investment, but rather a means to develop interesting projects on the Avalanche Blockchain.


Max Supply: 100 Million $bCASH

Utility: DeFi & NFT Currency

Transfer Tax: 10%

Staking & Governance

Stake bCASH to accrue veCASH, a governance token for the bCASH ecosystem, and other rewards.

The NFT Currency

Many artists have already launched collections utilizing bCASH to mint their NFTs.

Liquidity Provision Program

Projects with illiquid tokens can utilize bCASH to establish robust liquidity pools.

Collaborative Launchpad

Proposals for all sorts of project assistance can be submitted and voted on via the decentralized governance system.